The game elaborates four day’s history. In our first day, we must execute our boss’ orders as the Maqisard Hotel most recent employee. At the end of the day, if we accomplish every tasks, a frogman appears in our room, and informs us, that a spy resides in the hotel, and we have three days to find him or her. During the three days the events happens independently from us, while we are strolling in the hotel. We can spy on the rooms, listen out conversations, hiding behind the plants, and show objects to the guests, observing their reactions. The game’s playtime is about thirty minutes, and at the end of the third day, we must find out that who is the spy among the five guests. If we don’t find out, who is the spy, it’s another 30 minutes. (For me, it took 2 hours, lol.) The game’s graphic was inspired by the film Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, if it is important.

Ratings: 3,5 frogman out of 5

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