Untitled Nopperabou Game

The game takes place in the 1700s in Japan. Accordingly, we can meet the people of this period in it, the inhabitants of a town. Our job as a faceless ghost is to scare people in a row, who usually turn out to have some butter behind their ears. For this noble act of ours, we must take shape and say different things to people in order to terrify us as much as possible. The game rewards you for choosing the strangest possible solutions, because special solutions earn bonus points. Interestingly, I didn’t get any in my first game, but I got it all in my second game. So it’s worth a try. True, it doesn’t affect the end result, but that’s how we meet all the challenges. I recommend the game to everyone despite their stupid title. Nopperabou is a name for a faceless spirit known in Japanese mythology. The game last year’s EctoCompon took the upscale second place, which is no small feat, congratulations to him, he deserved it.


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