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To this production is the best name of a genre is sci-fi. We play a role of the Forever Cat which/who is a stand alone universe, which is stay in a lonely we in the multiversum, if i understood well. Which are also mentioned, quantums, collapse and birth of universes, which are perfetly simulated by restarting the game, if we reached somewhere in the complicated story. What is so included, dogs, home cats, and singing songs, with differnt lyrics. I think, i tried the all existing branch in the story, when i managed to reach at the end which is a choosing from tow opportunities: join the multiverse, or stay in loneliness. It was written in the description of the game, anyway. Interesting conception, if we have the mood of playing such a game which is a little bit strange, the story can be followed roughly, and it is guaranteed, that you have to restart in some time. The game counts these restarts, for some reason. I think, that’s all.


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