The Arkhill Darkness

Arkhill is in complete darkness, and people don’t know many times whether it’s night or day. Sure, it’s not a problem for your helper, the old wizard, he dozes off several times a day anyway, but most people can’t live their normal lives. In addition, monsters farm in the depths of darkness, it is rumored. As you can see from the health points, inventory, and money shown, this is an adventure game, unfortunately without any opportunity for the character to develop. There are magic components, crawling, a (I think) unimaginable puzzle that can still be solved with a little cheating, and a weird endgame when we fight the main opponent and eliminate the spell (in principle, there’s even a werewolf somewhere). I don’t really know that at all, but I managed to get through the game, I found both the worst ending and the best ending, let that be enough, let’s not scour the rest, cover it with a benevolent obscurity.

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