The Crimson Terrors of Delamay Manor

You’re a freelance journalist and you’ve taken on a writing job for your dream website. You’ve agreed to interview Thomas Delamay, a reclusive millionaire that lives in a mansion that the locals affectionally call Delamay Manor. You’ve heard tales of the Delamay family and their Manor. Of murder and darkness. Will you still step inside?

While we hardly wait EctoComp 2020, there is an exploration game like one, from the last year’s competition. The Crimson Terrors of Delamay Manor uses the Lovecraftian literary elements well, however, we have a very few choice in the game, why we truly have to play twice the game, to visit to garden… If I remember well, there a bad end in here in the original version, but in the final version the excercise is the plain exploration. Our main goal, according to the game, is to write a newspaper article from the landlord of Delamay Manor, who is a fairly interesting figure, like most of  who are inconnection with the Lovecraftian tradition, or the Ctulhu myth. Now, it’s not a newspaper article, but rather a blogpost of The Crimson Terrors of Delamay Manor, so the fantasy of the game becomes reality, in a certain way…

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