The Good Time

This game is about a young man, whose parents are abandoned him. One day, he gets a letter from his aunt, that she wanted to closer relationship with him. It is strange, why she decided this way so suddenly, we have to investigate her reasons why she did this way. She invites us to their house, where we have to find out more about our past and this this family. I enjoyed the story, the adventuring and the investigation parts… Maybe it’s not too easy to beat the game by time, but finally suceeded. I liked the description of the places, they were very atmospheric, it’s good that the NPCs are vivid. We can talk with them a lot. The engine is very nice, too. This game made me curious about it. It is the most interesting interactive fiction, i have played recently. It was made to happening, titled AdvXJam, I was happy to find it.

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